Sunday, December 17, 2017

Story "How to Catch a Sun" in Wigleaf & Nominated for Pushcart!

My story “How to Catch a Sun” about life after an eclipse is now out with Wigleaf Journal. Bonus: it’s nominated for the Pushcart Prize! It follows one woman's life across six decades, a couple of wars and two continents - all in about 800 words.

When I first got the yes from Wigleaf, I was visiting a lighthouse in Provincetown, and started jumping up and down, then ran over to Norman Mailer’s grave to jump some more. Why was I jumping? I’ve been addicted to their perfect little bundles of fiction for years, and they’re all perfect because of Scott Garson' sharp editorial eye.

Double bonus: they’ve included a delirious postcard written on the plane on my way back from Nigeria.

Poem in European Space Agency's "Rosetta Art Tribute"

This little poem about the Philae comet lander first showed up in Maudlin House then traveled to Brooklyn Poets and it’s finally home with mama on the Rosetta Art Tribute site. Thank you European Space Agency for inspiring so many artists and writers around the world!

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Pushcart Nomination from Writers Resist

A skyscraper-sized thank you to Writers Resist for nominating my poem "Market Value" for the Pushcart. I wrote this poem two years ago and workshopped it in Jamie McKendrick's class with Geneva Writers Group, and now it has been made part of a resistance. Feeling a wave of light just thinking about it.
People of words, of art, of strength, whatever form your resistance takes, please submit to the Writers Resist collective. We need your voice.
Read the poem here.

Friday, July 7, 2017

Poem "Market Value" in Writers Resist

On a fall day in 2015, the Chinese stock market dropped, which triggered a fall in all the other markets. I started thinking about the over financialization of our global economy. I started thinking about vegetable markets. I started thinking about what I knew then and how little I know now. Then this poem came.

Read "Market Value" on Writers Resist.

Friday, May 5, 2017

Poem "We The People Who March" in Writers Resist

Since I moved back to the US on November 8th, I have been searching for the right forms of resistance in this Upside-Down. Writers Resist is one form that has brought me motivation, enlightenment and a sense of unity. It's such a honor for me then to have my poem "We The People Who March" written for the Women's March on Washington as part of Writers Resist's 100 Days issue.

Especially after yesterday when the House of Representatives chose cruelty over humanity, putting millions of vulnerable Americans' health at risk, I needed a reminder of the hope and energy of the march, a first congregation of compassion and iron determination, back when the horrors ahead were still vague and uncertain. Now that so many have taken very certain forms, I need to, have to remember why we marched and why we'll be marching for the next four years. One of the protest signs that day said: "Rich White Man Rights for EVERYONE." Ok let's get that done. 1355 days of resistance left.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Story "The Sudden" in Wigleaf's 2017 Longlist

Last night I had the writerly blues. After a whole day of being at a standstill with my novel, feeling like I didn’t know anything about anything, and couldn’t write a single sentence worth a damn - I ended up binge watching Forensic Files on Netflix because there’s nothing like disturbing true crime stories to make you feel even worse. Then this morning, woke up to surprising better-than-bacon news: my Icelandic short story “The Sudden” made it on this year’s Wigleaf Longlist!

When it was first published with apt Magazine, it was already a joy to be alongside such beautiful and brilliant work, plus Carissa and Randolph are two of the loveliest, most compassionate and dedicated writers/editors/justice-fighters you’ll ever meet. I’m lucky that my bout of creative pessimism was disproved so quickly (thank you Wigleaf!) but it’s a nice reminder to work through the darkness,  to withhold judgment while holding yourself to a high standard. And make your Netflix choices wisely.

Congratulations to all the Wigleaf Top 50 winners!

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Story "The Lady Clock" in decomP Magazine

My story “The Lady Clock” is out with decomP Magazine! I wrote this after I went to pick up my orchid from a friend who kindly took care of it during the holidays, and discovered the difficulties of walking down the street with a potted plant. Now that orchid has a home with another dear friend and Granita the cat. Super excited because I’ve been a big fan of decomP for years, they’ve won Best of the Net and other awards and are just perpetually awesome. And how cool is this "time lapse" cover art for the February issue?

Read the story at decomP

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Poem "Second Child" in Roanoke Review

Starting the year off right thanks to Roanoke Review who just featured my poem “Second Child” about China’s change from one-child to two-child policy. Check out the journal - they regularly feature stunning work (including new poems by Pulitzer-prize winning and founder Henry Taylor) plus they treat their writers with lots of kindness and support.

Read the poem and my commentary on the private impact of the policy here.